The Clear Album

by The Sea Captains

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released December 1, 2013

Recorded by Tom Ash
Mixed & Mastered by Patrick Keane


all rights reserved



The Sea Captains Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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Track Name: The End is Over
You got a lot to learn about the way
Everyone's so concerned how it should be
And no one ever leaves on time
You can either ease my mind or get out of my brain

Break all the rules they wrote for yesterday
Go with the flow and roll with all the change
They break your back and steal your spine
The end is over before life ever gets in the way

You're always hanging on you're hanging on for dear life
The end is over

At the end of the road there's a light
And it's warm with a glow that's inviting and bright
And it says everything will be all right
But as quick as it came, it winks out of sight
And I know and I know and I know and I know and I know it's over
And I know and I know and I know and I know and I know it's over now

At the end of the line there's a bus
And it's got enough seats to hold each one of us
But the wheels have all dug into ruts
And we're stuck
I've never been one to complain
If you keep walking slow you'll stay under the rain
But each day is becoming the same
And I'm so terrified that I'll never escape
And I know and I know and I know and I know and I know it's over
And I know and I know and I know and I know and I know it's over now

Head over heels for pictures in the sun
Overthinking something underdone
They shake their hips and roll their eyes
You've seen it done a million times
The end is over before life ever gets any fun

You're always hanging on you're hanging on for dear life
Track Name: I Love You Kiss Me
Where did you go
I wanna know
Where'd you go
I wanna know

We met at Easter brunch, I asked you out to lunch
But you said you'd had a bunch of canteloupe and Captain Crunch
I made a huge mistake, I wish that I could take
Back every stupid word and maybe then I'd try to say
I love you, kiss me

Where did you go
I need to know
Where did you go
I need to know

We held each other's hands, initials in the sand
You would take me to the Gap when it was time to buy new pants
I'd sing about your face and other dumb cliches
When all it ever took to make you happy was the phrase
I love you, kiss me

I can't read your mind
So won't you just tell me
I can't seem to find
A reason for you leaving
I know it's not the time
But lemme say something
That might just make your life

I love you, kiss me
Track Name: Baby Shampoo
She's an anomaly
Of fingertipography
When she moves over me
Like the sea on the sand

It's a sweet mystery
How she can cut me so deep
When she is virtually
Edge-free in my hands

Well I guess it's harder now
Worse than ever before
Can't stand the thought of watching you
Walking out that door
Without asking you

How'd you get so smooth
Like baby shampoo
You're tougher than nails, it's true
But you can tell that I know what you're going through

She's got a dark and secret past
A look that tells me not to ask
Mess with her she'll kill you faster
Than your ass can say oh no

This isn't strictly physical
Track Name: Meant to Be
He's everything she never wanted
She is the one he settled for
There's not a thing they have in common
They're making out on the kitchen floor

Gee, it's easy to see
These two people were meant to be

She stays up late, he gets up early
He's got a job, she has a lot of debt
He hates the way she doesn't like his mother
Some Saturdays they don't get out of bed

Gee, it's easy to see
These two people were meant to be

And he'll take her out Chili's if she can take out the trash this week
And she'll make him lunch if he won't make her clean
And she says she'll watch a silent movie but only if he agrees
To sit through the Transformers trilogy

Not happily quite ever after
The fairy tale they thought it would be
When times are hard he puts an arm around her
Looks in her eyes and she can't help laughing

Gee, it's easy to see
These two people were meant to be
Track Name: Sink or Swim
I'll be right here all the time baby
When you need me you know right where to look
I'll be right here rain or shine baby
When you're reeling I can give a push
Sink or swim yeah thick and thin yeah you can make it on your own
I'll be right here making sure baby
You don't leave me all alone

I'll be waiting by the door baby
So you'll see me while you're waving goodbye
I'll be holding back my tears baby
All my feelings buried deep inside
Sink or swim yeah thick and thin yeah you can make it on your own
But I'm selfish and I need you baby
Not to leave me all alone

You got potential and you could go far but come on
Let's not get carried away
Sooner or later you can break my heart
But I don't want to hold you back I want you back holding me

I'll be right here in the cold baby
When you're freezing you know right where to go
You're a bright kid and a good person
Ain't no shame in coming back home
Sink or swim yeah thick and thin yeah you can make it on your own
I will always be right here baby
You won't ever be alone
Track Name: We Don't Play No Slow Songs
We were playing a gig back a year or so
At some run down bar where nobody goes
And we were rockin and a-rolling and making all kinds of noise

There was a young man in the back with a girl at his side
And she was looking at him with her big brown eyes
And getting across a message without using her voice (it's crazy but they can do it)

So he comes to the stage when we was inbetween numbers
And he gets my attention and turns red and he mumbles
Mister I could sure use some help

Y'see that gal over there with the beautiful smile
Well she's leavin for a job and I won't see her for a while
And where this is going I'm sure you can probably tell

But if you boys could bring it down to a three-over-four
I could go take her hand and pull her out on the floor
And sweep her off her feet, just like the night we met

So I heard his plea and I turned to the band
And they all agreed with a wave of a hand
So I grabbed the mic and this is what I said

Well I got bad bad news to break
It's such a shame you brought your date
Oh sonny we don't play no slow songs
So you're gonna have to sit and wait

Well just a few weeks later us five were back together
Playing outside in the bright sunny weather
And they was lined up to see us like lambs to the slaughter

It was a swanky little shindig, they were pouring champagne
I was having a good time until someone complained
Excuse me, I've just been married and I'd like a dance with my father

So I said dance with him now and she shook her head no
I want you to play something nice and slow
And sweet that'll bring a tear to my eye

So I took her by the hand real kindly and gentle
Cuz I could tell the poor thing was a bit temperamental
And I told her something that made her feathers fly

Well I got bad bad news to break
You don't need on your wedding day
Oh honey we don't play no slow songs
So you might as well go cut your cake

Just the other night about quarter past three
We was lying on the couch my old lady and me
And she gets this look in her eye made me think I done something wrong

She was asking me a question prodding at me with her feet
And I could barely pay attention cuz I was half asleep
Until I realized she wanted me to play her a song

I'd hardly sat up she put the guitar in my hand
Said lover I'm your woman and you're my man
And it's high time you put your heart to words

So I played the first thing that came to mind
And in four short bars she was already cryin'
Cuz booooy lemme tell you folks the truth hurts!

Said I got bad bad news to break
You shouldn't have stayed up so late
Oh darlin I don't play no slow songs
So you might've made a big mistake

And I got bad bad news to break
To the entire U S of A
We never play no gall darn slow songs
So get on your feet and start to shake
Track Name: Things We Say When We're Sober
In a moment of lucidity
You lost all your credibility
And you sent our whole world crashing to the ground
Now it's only fair that you and me
Give it one more night of bona fide debauchery
Really tie one on and see what we find out

Cuz people lie when they think better
Well I have a mind to try and prevent you
So hey bartender let's all have another round

Let's make a vow right here and now
We'll never mention the real world when we're out on the town
Our daily lives are taking five
We must not carry over what we say when we're sober

In our beautiful stupidity
Every word is pure validity
Our silver tongues are hanging out our mouths
If the truth can truly set you free
Then consider High Life my skeleton key
We might have regrets but never any doubt

Your clarity of vision
Brought the unwelcome addition
Of your old familiar inhibitions
Well let me field this one
Track Name: Hate That Song
There's something in the air that makes me fear for all the innocent children
Of the world
A million different ways that you can waste the stupid talent you're given
It's absurd

On the radio
They play it all day long
Everybody knows
I fucking hate that

If everybody here would drink a beer we'd feel a little bit better
Than before
And I don't know about you but I think I'm running out to go get her
Off the floor

It's overdone
I need it gone gone gone
Don't make me hold my tongue
I fucking hate that song
And she's the only other one
Who knows that something's wrong
Man it goes on and on and on
We fucking hate that song

The anthem of the summer it's no wonder all the ladies know
How it goes
There's only so much pain a man can take before his head explodes
Oh oh oh

It ain't no fun
Don't wanna sing along
I'd give my first born son
To never hear that song
And I've got nowhere left to run
I'll never be that strong
Cause everywhere I go it's always on
I fucking hate that
You fucking hate that
We fucking hate that song
Track Name: Cry Me an Island
Lonely summer day pounding at my window pane
Cool conditioned air, comfy couch and lime-like beer
I don't get it, how anyone could even think of stepping foot outside
You're always saying wish you were here

Cry me an island
One I can die in
The tides wash away what happens each day
So cry me an island

Swing for sunny fence, catch a breeze and hold your breath
Read a shitty book, close your eyes and take a look
At what you're doing, you're making life much harder than it ever has to be
While you're out dancing, I'll be right here
Track Name: Wrong Way Town
Give up give in no more alibis
The bad guys win for the hundredth time
Shit eating grin try it on for size

Wake up watch out you're in hell again
A million miles from your only friends
The lights go down let the show begin

Well I think I've had it up to here with this routine
It's time we got mad enough to blow this fucking scene
Even at the bottom it's a long way down
In a wrong way town

This old place smells like a nursing home
Desensitization overdose
Let's all go hear the latest inside joke

The grass is greener on the other side
Compared to here it's electrified
Let's not waste time on long goodbyes
Track Name: Worn Out My Welcome
Well isn't that the way it always goes
Everybody's mad over a harmless little joke
I'd take it back if I could but I can't so I won't

Have you heard the one about the stereotypes
Who walk into a bar and then we get into a fight
I never meant to be rude but I guess you were right

I've worn out my welcome so this is goodbye
I've worn out my welcome goodnight
I've worn out my welcome so this is goodnight
I've worn out my welcome goodbye

Well isn't this the way it always is
Try to get a laugh and all you get is wicked pissed
Who calls the life of the party a son of a bitch?
Track Name: Dead in the Water
The rats are leaving the ship
All hands on deck, this isn't a drill
The old sinking feeling won't quit
So batten those hatches and fire at will

Transmit a call of distress
A final attempt, a desperate cry
With any luck, some of our friends
Are nearby

It may be too late
We could all be lost at sea
So gentlemen make your peace
Hold it steady

We're dead in the water and out of control
We're at the mercy of the tide but it passed us by so long ago
And great crashing waves are tossing us to and fro
We've still got each other but nowhere to go

It's possible we could survive
The tempest will finish, the sun will appear
And everyone we left behind
Will see the whole time they had nothing to fear

If there's any way out of this fix
Jettison anything you may not need
And pray to whatever in which
You believe

This may be our fate
We could all be casualties
So hold your breath and prepare
For catastrophe

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